DoMaur Code of Conduct



This Code of Conduct is designed to clarify the expectations of DoMaur Productions Incorporated, with respect to the conduct of performers, production staff and all volunteers, whilst involved in the activities of the Association.  By following this Code of Conduct, your reputation and the reputation of DoMaur Productions Incorporated will be upheld and protected.  This Code is designed to provide for a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

All involved in DoMaur Productions Incorporated activities are expected to:

  • Treat everyone with respect;
  • Be fair, discreet, considerate and honest in all dealings with others;
  • Refrain from any behaviour which could bring DoMaur Productions Incorporated into disrepute;
  • Display self-control, respect and professionalism in all activities;
  • Be courteous in dealings with others;
  • Control their temper
  • Refrain from any violent behaviour.

DoMaur Productions Incorporated will not tolerate discrimination, bullying, verbal or physical abuse, or sexual harassment against any member of the Association.

The Role of the Director

A theatre director has responsibility for the overall practical and creative interpretation of the performance.  The director has the right to select actors and crew and also has the right of dismissal where this Code of Conduct is disregarded.  The director is involved at all stages of the process, from the design and pre-production stages and rehearsal, right through to the final performance.

The Director has ultimate responsibility for the performance.  They may be assisted in their role by Assistant Directors, a Producer or Production Team, a Production Assistant and/or a Stage Manager.

Directors work closely with their creative and production teams, the performers and the producer to create a performance which connects with the audience. They therefore need to be able to coordinate effectively across a wide range of disciplines and with artistic vision.

The Director will:
Treat members of the cast and crew with respect
Be reasonable in their demands on time, energy and enthusiasm of performers and crew.

Performers and Crew

All performers (and where appropriate Crew) will:

  • Commit themselves to the production and attend all rehearsals if possible.  Unavailability should be advised as soon as possible to the Production Assistant.
  • Learn lines as quickly as possible.
  • Co-operate with the production team.
  • Accept the advice given by the Director or their delegate, in the spirit it is given, for he/she is ultimately responsible for the performance and sees the production as a whole.
  • Be aware that the Director or their delegates are the only persons who should direct actors.  Actors should not direct other actors in the production.
  • Be respectful of the theatre space. Please help keep the theatre’s appearance clean and professional. Pick up and clean up after yourself.
  • Be responsible and take care of all props and set items (remember that some are borrowed and are not replaceable.)
  • Avoid moving anyone’s prop without their knowledge and consent.
  • Take responsibility for storing personal items, including costumes and props in appropriate places.
  • Be on time for all rehearsals and performances.  In production, all performers, technical and Front of House staff should be at the theatre at least one hour before the show.

Youth Actors
Actors under the age of 18 will have a designated member of the production team responsible for their duty of care, who will advocate on their behalf where necessary.
The director will liaise with the assigned advocate on any problems involving the youth actor.

General Conduct

In addition to the expectations outlined above, all participants must be aware that:

  • Honesty is expected from all theatre personnel.  Care should be taken of all property whether it belongs to DoMaur Productions Incorporated or to others.
  • Stealing will not be tolerated.
  • The equipment of other organisations using the theatre space must be respected and not interfered with.
  • In order to avoid copyright infringement, any photographs or other digital recordings taken during rehearsal or performance, can only be posted on social media with the permission of the Executive Committee of DoMaur Productions Incorporated.
  • All theatre personnel must ensure that posting of any material or comment on social media that relates to this or any other theatre production, must meet the requirements of this code of conduct.

Health and Safety

Everyone has the right to participate in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe.
Members, performers, production staff and volunteers must take responsibility for their own health and safety, and ensure that their actions do not risk the health and safety of others.
All hazards, accidents or injuries should be reported to the Director or Production Assistant.
If a member of cast or crew wishes to invite a visitor to attend rehearsal, prior permission should be sought from the Director.  It is the responsibility of the cast/crew member to ensure that the visitor is made aware of this code of conduct.

Alcohol and Drug consumption
All activities in the theatre space must be lawful.  This particularly applies to the possession and/or consumption of illegal drugs.
Alcohol can only be consumed by people of legal drinking age.  Alcohol may only be consumed to the extent that it does not affect the comfort, safety or performance of any member, performer, production staff or volunteer, nor harm the reputation of DoMaur Productions Incorporated.

If anyone has a grievance or feels that they have been unfairly treated they are encouraged to raise this issue with any member of the Production Team in the first instance, and then the President of DoMaur Productions Incorporated.

Breach of the Code of Conduct

Failure to comply with any provision contained in this Code of Conduct may jeopardize your involvement in this production and any future relationship with DoMaur Productions Incorporated.