DoMaur announces second production in 2018 – Minefields and Miniskirts

Produced by Marg Trousdale

Directed by Helenmarie

Nearly 1000 Australian women had a part in the Vietnam War as entertainers, journalists, volunteers, nurses and consular staff.  For many of them it was the most vital and alive they have ever felt.
Peppered with songs from the era, this is their story.

DoMaur announces a new 2017 production following on from THE WHO’s TOMMY

DoMaur Productions Incorporated is proud to present a new theatre concept for Burnie.
“Life On Three Stages” will take the audience on a journey around unused retail spaces around Burnie CBD to experience three one Act plays that explore Love, Life and Loss. This unique theatre experience will open on Thursday 23rd November for three shows only. Come and see infatuated lovers “Romeo and Juliet”, appreciate middle age life in “Sins of the Father” and feel the pain of loss in the funeral play “Gone Missing”. Auditions and information session Friday 15th September Burnie Uniting Church Hall. 7:00pm.